Thursday, April 7, 2011

Over Half Way

Crazy to me that it's already April. I can't believe I'm already over half way done with this pregnancy! Let me just say that April in Central California is totally different than April in Michigan. We've already hit 80 here, but my parents don't even have leaves on the trees yet. I can't complain about all the sunshine...but people tell me it will only get hotter. Like, over 100, I'm going to be full term in July? This could get interesting.

Jeb and I stay busy with our jobs mostly, working for a property management company. We have pretty different job descriptions though: he's on the painting crew, I'm in an apartment complex office working as a rental consultant. But God has really provided great hours and a steady routine, which allows us to keep saving money each month for both Baby James and Lord willing attending New Tribes Mission's "Missionary Training Center" in the near future.
I love our apartment and I have to admit that I love having a routine. I work 9 to 6, and my days off are Thursday and Sunday, which I really like because right about mid-week I'm needing a day off. :P Besides that, Saturday is only a 6 hour shift, so I pretty much have from the afternoon Saturday until Sunday night to rest and spend time with Jeb.

The Surge
We've continued as leaders with our church's Junior High youth group (called "The Surge") on Tuesday nights, and both of us have grown through the experience. Small group time really allows us to hear about what our girls and guys are going through and learning, and I like the stage they're in because they're spontaneous and energetic and...they still think we're actually cool. :) Pray for Jeb if you think of it; he'll be teaching the lesson this Tuesday night, but he's been pretty sick the last couple days. He'll be challenging the kids about God's heart concerning over-seas missions, and it will probably be the first time most of them have heard much about it. Just ask God to give him diligence to study and clarity when he talks to the kids.

A Visit
Getting so excited for May!! Jeb being the ultimate bargain hunter, found me a round-trip ticket to visit Michigan for only $375 including taxes! Woo woo! That's my spouse. :D It's a bummer we can't afford for both of us to fly out East. Still, I can't wait to see my parents and hang out with friends and family. My Mom is planning a baby shower to celebrate our little boy, who is due on the scene July 25th. If you want to hang out while I'm back in the Mitten, let me know! My visit is May 8th-13th, and the baby shower on May 9th is open to guys and girls alike. I'd love to see you!

Thoughts on Prayer
I've been challenged about prayer lately. All the missionary updates I get in my email inbox -- I read them, but, it's really not a part of my "routine" to spend time in prayer for people. I've always had a difficult time being disciplined in prayer, but I guess lately I just keep thinking about if/when Jeb and I end up living in Papua New Guinea or somewhere, scraping to learn some tribal language and sweating in the 100+ degree humidity, missing things like ice cream and watching American Idol...and I know I'm going to need people to pray for me. So I want to get better at doing what I hope others will do for my family: praying faithfully.

Alrighty, I have thank you cards to write. I think the grace period for wedding thank you's is like 3 to 6 months, right? I hope so. Jeb and I celebrate 6 months of being married this Sunday...and I definitely haven't sent out thank you's yet... *shamed expression* :/ Oh well. Hey, shoot an email or facebook message my way about what's up with you lately! And thanks for reading.