Friday, March 13, 2009

2 Boys, 2 Girls, & Some Turtle Bread!

At the beginning of February, I had the opportunity to babysit a whole weekend for a married couple in my class. It was Brian's birthday, so Shara secretly set it up for me to come and watch the boys while dad and mom got away from the school for some time together. I love their two sons, so I was excited to hang with them for a few days! Turns out I learned a lot and gained a whole lot of respect for parents in general, and especially for the couples who choose to come to Bible school as parents. Kudos yo!

By Sunday afternoon I petitioned one of my dorm mates to help me and the boys bake "Turtle Bread" from a special Alphabet Cookbook I've had I think since I was born, basically. It was great fun for the boys to play in the flour, mix in the ingredients, and help shape the "turtles."

But an hour or so before we started baking, the boys got up from rest time and I decided to get out the Mac. We probably spent half an hour in the living room just taking pictures with all the funny settings! I also snapped a few of our Turtle Bread making experience. Enjoy!!

Brayden and Corbyn!

All smiles :)

They love the camera on this Mac!

(So do I, a little... =)

Everyone was laughing at this point.

Brayden and Hanna

tehe, silly Corby :)

Me and Brayden

Washing hands with Corbyn

Pre-baked Turtle Bread!

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