Saturday, October 3, 2009

Four Months In

Can't believe I've been with Jebediah four months on the 6th. I know to all you married folks that sounds like a very short time, and in the grand scheme of things it is small...but I thank God for every minute so far. I have learned so much, and I'm certain the lessons will continue. God has given me the opportunity to learn alongside an incredible man.

I'm already half way through my EMT program this semester, and time is flying. Youth Group is encouraging...and humbling. Praise God for the 6-7 kids that have come so far. Please keep praying that Rhett and I will have wisdom as we teach God's Word and build relationships with these kids.

Here are a few pictures of me and Jeb, some of us when I first found out he even liked me...up to his most recent visit about a month ago.

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