Sunday, January 23, 2011

Married, Moved, and...Pregnant!?!

Big news! I changed my blog templet! :) Among other things like, my zip code, my last name, etc...

As you probably know, last October Jeb and I got married. Right after the honeymoon we flew to Fresno, California, and moved into our cozy one bedroom apartment. It's taken a while, but we finally have both a small couch AND a dining room table that seats four! I'm quite the entertainer (ha).

The thing about starting a family is, there's always the possibility it can grow beyond a duo. For us, this happened a little sooner then we "planned," but now 14 weeks along I'm amazed to think that next July baby James will be making his (or hopefully, her) grand entrance. It was definitely a shocker for us, but we're learning a lot about trusting God to provide, both financially and relationally as we prepare to be, *gulp* - parents.

On the subject of God's provision, He was so good to provide me with a job working for the same property management company as Jeb. I was hired as a rental office assistant manager about five weeks ago, and it has really challenged me to learn and be flexible. I've met some really nice women though, and those relationships are such an encouragement.

Before we got married, Jeb was helping the junior high youth group at church. Since October I've been going with him on Tuesday nights and have really enjoyed getting to know the girls in my small group. Around seventy kids come, too many for connecting one on one unless we break them up into smaller discussion groups. So there are guy groups and girl groups, either seventh or eighth grade. This time with the kids has been really encouraging to Jeb and to me. They makes us think! And we've had opportunities to really challenge their thinking as well.

But over all, I don't feel very pregnant these days, except maybe a bit tired when I over do it. Morning (aka all-day-long) sickness lasted about eight weeks for me, and then faded out. I'm not showing yet either, which adds to the surreal feeling of becoming a mother in less than six months. My seventh grade girls ask me every week at youth group, "Do you know what it is yet?!?" And I just smile and say nope not yet. It's funny observing the differences between girls and boys... For example, Jeb's seventh grade boys haven't mentioned a thing about us having a baby, but I hear about it every single week! Girls are just little nurturers at heart I suppose. :) Have to admit, I've been sappy as all get out since that little one started growing inside of me!

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Sue said...

Loved your blog!! You are amazing and you both will be great parents.