Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year Greetings!

"Something's gotta go before something can come..." - Tom Harmon

The journey so far
I have just completed my third semester at New Tribes Bible Institute in Jackson, Michigan. Lord willing, I will graduate in May 2009 from two years of intense Bible training – a truly incredible experience that I would not trade for the world. The heart of New Tribes Mission is expanding the reach of the Gospel of Christ Jesus to every tribe, tongue, and nation. NTM missionaries train to live among various tribal peoples all over the world, learning their language, teaching chronologically through the Bible, and eventually translating God’s Word into the “heart language” of individual people groups. These are tribal people who otherwise would never have heard nor read a single word of “God’s Talk”. The chronological teaching begins with creation and moves through Old Testament history, revealing the need for and provision of the Savior: Jesus Christ, who died, was buried, and raised from the tomb on the third day. The goal of tribal missions is to plant self-sustaining churches, made up of our tribal brothers and sisters in Christ who, finally having the Word of God in their language, have believed on Christ as their personal Savior.
His hands and feet
Missionaries with NTM have committed their lives to obeying Jesus’ Great Commission (Mt. 28:18-20) and are reaching out to the untouched tribes of this world. Those at Bible school possess a contagious passion that has spread to my heart. They serve God in Jackson, Michigan, by training and equipping followers of Christ in the Word of God, that each student may grow intimate in their relationship with the Lord Jesus and live as a bold testimony of the saving love of Christ. It has been such a blessing to hear testimony even this past semester of lost souls over seas hearing the Gospel for the very first time, and some responding in faith to Christ’s sufficient work on the cross. How exciting to envision worshiping our Creator alongside our tribal brothers and sisters in Christ. God is most definitely at work!
Opportunity knocks
I praise the Lord for the blessing of being asked by the school deans to be one of about thirty upper classmen trained for Student Leadership. At the beginning of August ‘08, we attended Summer Training Program (STP), which is a week of Bible teaching and small group Bible studies targeting specific elements of leadership. By God’s grace, I was asked to be an RA in a dorm of five girls and myself. I failed time and again this past semester, but God has been so good to provide this opportunity for me to depend upon Him more wholly. I’ve grown very close with each of the girls, and thank God for bringing us together for this year of Bible school!
Now bring me that horizon
Lord willing, I plan to work at a Christian camp this summer. There a several options, one being Bear Lake camp, which is right here in Michigan. Another is Hickory Cove down in North Carolina. Please pray for me as I seek the Lord’s wisdom in determining where He would have me serve Him. Next fall I plan to live with my parents and attend Lansing Community College. God provided a state school scholarship for me during high school, a great blessing that I feel I should take advantage of. While I live at home I’m looking forward to getting involved with the Sunday school and youth group at my home church, Vantown Community. I love the kids there and I’m excited for the opportunity to invest in their lives.
Hey, YOU!
Here's a great big THANK YOU to each of you who have been going before the Throne of God on my behalf. I am so thankful for your prayers! God has answered them, and He is teaching me so much. Please keep praying for His financial provision for school bills. Stay tuned to hear about His grace in my life.

In His Great Love,
Jenna Kate

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