Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Picture's Worth 1,000 Words...

I decided it'd be cool to post some more pictures of my life these last two months. So here goes!

Jenna & Katie at Senior Retreat in Jersey Shore, PA - meant to be friends!
On top of the world with two of my best friends: Shelley & Tony...they're in love. :)
After Senior Retreat I visited New York City with Conni (left) & my dean, Amanda!
My first-year roomie, Esther, at Shelley's birthday party.
Awesome Tessa was on Campus Life with me this semester. I love her!
Here's the whole family (including fiances), celebrating with me and my roomie, Shelley!A friend I graduated with put our class picture up as soon as she got home...A week-ish after graduation, four of us got back together and visited Lake Michigan!
Chrissy was the underclassman of our 'Lakeshore' group. I love this girl so much! =)
My parents and sister Becca even got to come for part of the day.Jebediah, Caleb, Chrissy, and I had a GREAT day at the beach, visiting the Grand Haven shops, and walking the pier...

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