Friday, June 26, 2009

"Oh the Summertime"

So here are a few favorite photos from my trip to see Mr. Jebediah James in Iowa. He and a couple friends picked me up at the Chicago Union Station on Saturday night, then Sunday was spent adventuring through sunny Chicago. Man was it HOT! We wandered Navy Pier, and of course ate a classic Deep Dish. The rest of the week in Iowa I stayed with my friend Tara and her mom. Both of them were amazing! I've never felt so at home. Each work day I got to sport a Dish Network/Direct TV polo and learned how Jeb and his co-workers sell door-to-door. It was a lot more difficult than I expected. By Friday afternoon there was nothing so refreshing as playing in the rain...especially since the humidity had been practically 110% all week long!

Jeb and I got all dressed up for my very first "official" Friday night date...dinner and a walk through downtown Iowa city. :) This "first" experience also included a slightly crazed (and thoroughly bearded) street-flautist, serenading our conversation with his untraditional songs and running commentary...good grief! Oh the memories we make along the way.

Seven AM Saturday came early, and we got a rather late start. I missed the noon train. Praise the Lord for an extremely nice train lady who honored my original ticket fare and got me a seat on the six PM train! I think my tussled hair and frustrated expression provoked in her some kind of pity, which I was happy to accept with gratitude. She sternly reminded me to be at the station an hour early next time, and of course I assured her I would. During my ticket fiasco, Jeb faced the ornery and ridiculous Chicago streets. I sat on my suitcase waiting outside the station as hundreds of faces came and went. Tourists were easy to spot; I marveled at those clearly comfortable with the chaotic system of never-ending motion. Then finally...a familiar face. (I must admit I was by no means disappointed with the idea of more time with the boy.;)

So Jeb and I spent our last afternoon snoozing/people watching at a nearby Starbucks, and then enjoying the (shaded) scenery at a Chicago riverfront. What a great week with a great guy. :) God has really encouraged me and faithfully challenged my thinking through this relationship...I'm so thankful.

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sarahlynae said...

wow... sounds exciting. :)

glad that you actually made it home! :)